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All your real-time communications in one place

Phone calls, instant message, fax, voicemail, conference calls, video calls, desktop sharing, presence and more from a single interface.


Never open a manual again. Easy to understand, with built-in help menus, the MXIE is designed to make it easy to access the amazing features of the Zultys system.

Complete Customization

Whether you are looking to just make calls from your computer, or are a contact center supervisor looking for a dashboard, you can completely control your experience.

Access all of your features

MXIE Advantages

With MXIE, you get a host of features and capabilities wrapped into a single, easy-to-understand license. From call recording access to desktop faxing, Find Me/Follow Me cell phone integration to personal call routing, MXIE provides desktop and Outlook integration right out of the box. MXIE can even double as a telephone, as an Operator console, call center agent desktop, or a supervisor seat. The MXIE softphone provides incredible flexibility for road warriors, business continuity planning and companies with multiple locations or home-based workers.


The best way to understand MXIE, short of using it everyday, is to see a demo. Drop us a line to set up a web or in-person demonstration of this amazing product.