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Telephone and General User Guides

Digital Telephones

Model 8560 User Guide

Model 8520 User Guide

Model 8500 User Guide

Model 4400/4200 Standard/Basic Phone User Guide

Model 4500 Executive User Guide

Executone User Guide

IP Telephones

Model 8662 User Guide

Model 8620/8622 User Guide

Model 8690 User Guide

Model 8664-8665-8668 User Guide

Model 8660 / IP Phone+ User Guide

Inter-Tel Audio & Web Conferencing (AWC) User Guide

Audio & Web Conferencing v3.5 User Guide

Inter-Tel Enterprise Messaging (EM) User Guides

Enterprise Messaging v2.0 Quick Start Guide

Enterprise Messaging v1.0 Quick Start Guide

Unified Messaging OSE v2.0 Administrator Guide

Other Devices and Telephones

Single Line / Analog Phone User Guide

EVMC, EM, and BVM Voicemail User Guide

Mitel & Inter-Tel Axxess Administrator Guides

Axxess v11.0 Administrator Guide

Axxess v10.0 Administrator Guide

Axxess v9.1 Administrator Guide

Axxess v9.0 Administrator Guide

Axxess v8.0 Administrator Guide

Mitel & Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite (CCS) User Guides

Contact Center Suite v4.2 User Guide

Contact Center Suite Callview v4.2 User Guide