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Security and Network Audits

Help IT Support Your Business Better

The only reason for companies to have IT is to effectively support the organization’s business goals. However, many IT environments aren’t optimized to meet this responsibility. That’s where a network and security audit can help your IT staff refocus on areas of concern. An Extenda network assessment and security audit can help pinpoint the changes or upgrades that will make your IT better, safer, more efficient, and more cost effective.

How our network assessments and security audits work

A network assessment helps us understand the technology your company uses, how you use it, and how it can do a better job of supporting your business goals. We use assessments to determine what changes you need to make to better align your IT with your business objectives.

A security audit helps us understand the protections your network has in place and how they comply with internal or external standards or expected quality levels. We use audits to help you meet your IT security objectives, taking into account various regulatory and business requirements.

Both network assessments and security audits involve comprehensive investigations of your IT environment.

Performance Testing

Network Certification and Performance

Having an efficient data network is essential in maintaining a productive workforce. The individual components of a data network and the way they are interconnected can affect the speed and reliability of network connections. Perceived network slowness can be caused by a combination of events. To identify and resolve network speed issues, a detailed understanding of the network infrastructure and data flows is required.

Network Performance Test Benefits:

VoIP Testing

If you are migrating away from obsolete PBX technology, you absolutely need to test whether your network is ready for Voice over IP ( VoIP) technology. The human ear is very sensitive to audio problems common to poorly executed VoIP implementations, and our testing can uncover these issues and optimize your network before you have annoyed your users and clients.