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Mitel Mobility across devices

One office experience, everywhere

Mitel's MiCollab client provides a single control panel for your office communications on your desktop, on the web, and on your smartphone and tablet.

Personal Communications Hub

Stop chasing down messages and apps across different devices. Mitel's MiCollab client unifies your office experience, with a single address book with presence information on your colleagues, one voicemail to check, and information synchronized across devices.

Bring Your Own Device

  • Control, reroute and answer work calls however you want across devices
  • Private chat with colleagues across devices
  • One synchronized contact log and address book shared between devices
  • See real-time presence and availability of colleagues
  • Escalate chats to calls or video conferencing with a tap or a click
  • Launch applications and websites
  • Sync up your personalized call routing with your phone's GPS, so calls are intelligently and automatically routed based on where you are
  • Personalized call routing by time of day, by your status and by who is calling
  • Sync to Outlook for Email integration and Calendar integration - send calls to voicemail automatically when you are in a meeting
  • Personal Knowledge Base lets you sync up documents on your computer to contacts and phone calls

MiCollab Requirements

Mitel's MiCollab server is a platform hosting multiple Mitel add-on applications, including the MiCollab client and gateway for off-site telephones. The MiCollab client works on Windows PCs, most popular browsers as a web-enabled edition, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices including the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini, and BlackBerry.Compatible smartphones include iOS, Android and Blackberry devices

Mobility Analysis

Please feel free to reach out to contact us regarding our MiCollab mobility solutions. Through Mitel's NetSolutions divison, we can provide not just carrier services but cell phone, tablet and mobile hotspot service and billing.