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Cost Effective Network Security

Managed Firewalls

Your firewall is your first, best line of defence against hackers and malware. Sitting at the edge of your network and purpose built for security, your firewall protects your entire network. Extenda's firewall management provides both effective, current hardware and the expertise to deploy proper security policies.

Whether your business has one location, multiple locations, or operates out of a cloud environment without a formal office, our managed security solutions can help you provide remote access to apps, data and communication tools without jeopardizing your security and data integrity.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

The firewalls we support and sell protect your business. Our security experts manage, monitor and maintain network security including software updates, patch implementations and firewall defense testing. This combination provides controlled access to your equipment hosted in your data center or offsite data centers.

Security Expertise

With constant pressure against your firewall to get inside your network and cause havok, you need 24x7 protection to keep your security policies as tough as practicable. Of course, no off the shelf firewall offers a custom tailored solution. Security devices require configuration and once configured, like any other device they need frequent upgrades, patches, testing and management. Our security professionals work with you to implement and maintain the most cost-effective security policies and firewall to safeguard your business.

Extenda Firewall Benefits

Design of your Firewall

Our firewall specialists will:

Ongoing Management

If engaged to provide ongoing management, we will stay apprised of new threats and vulnerabilities, conduct tests to probe firewall defenses, and maintain and upgrade the software, so you can rest easy knowing your firewall is protecting your network to the best of its ability.