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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Smartphone and Tablet Integration

While BYOD brings a lot of organizational benefits, it is the target of several criticisms as well — IT security and privacy policy, security data, data segmentation, for example. Therefore, implementing a successful BYOD management strategy is still challenging for companies, both large and small. Extenda can help you manage this challenging aspect of modern IT.

Mobile Security

Users tend to resist having passwords or lock screens on their personal devices. They see them as a hurdle to convenient access to the content and functions of their device. However, this is not a valid complaint—there is simply too much sensitive information to which phones connected to your corporate systems have access to allow unfettered swipe-and-go operation of these phones.Extenda can help you impose proper security controls on devices.

Mobile integration

Whether we are deploying a unified communications client or app on a user's smartphone or providing email access to mobile devices, there are a whole new set of challenges presented by mobile devices. We can help companies balance security considerations and the convenience and ubiquity of smartphones and tablets.

Mac and Linux Desktops

Integrating Mac and Linux OS desktops and laptops is increasingly common in our customer networks. Integrating these devices into historically Windows-based environments can be a challege. Extenda can help your users bring their favorite desktop into the workplace and design policies to support the unique challenges of any OS.


Whether it is VPN implementation or web-based applications, we can help companies address the challenges of workers physically outside of the office network. Issues such as security, access, application performance, telephony and communications tools and budget all need to be addressed.

Creating a Smart Smartphone Policy

Many organizations are flying blind and hoping for the best when it comes to mobile devices. Extenda can help you address the many concerns organizations face with user-sourced devices.

Policy Questions

Extenda can help you devise an appropriate policy for your mobile devices, addressing issues such as: