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Affordable Virtualization

Virtualization Explained

Server virtualization conserves space by consolidating server software onto fewer physical computers. It has been common practice to dedicate a server to a single application. If several applications only use a small amount of processing power, we can consolidate several machines into one server running multiple virtual environments. For companies that have multiple servers, the need for management overhead, physical space, power, and resources can decrease significantly.

We can help you migrate to the cloud

We provide a comprehensive range of cloud services from consulting, architecture, design, and adoption to management throughout the lifecycle of the cloud.

With options to develop and manage applications in the Cloud, we provide real, measurable value to clients with lowered costs, increased responsiveness and faster delivery. In addition, we lower the risk of transitioning IT to the best suited Cloud by leveraging our expertise, frameworks, and partnerships. To maximize the potential of Cloud computing, we address accompanying challenges such as security, availability, performance, compliance, integration, and visibility.

Cloud Assessment

Extenda can help you evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and applications. Our assessment helps customers to have a structured information and clear-cut strategy for their Cloud adoption. We cover the end-to-end aspects of the migration possibilities. We help you develop a well-defined roadmap based on your needs to guarantee an easy and effective migration to the cloud.

Why Virtualize

Moving from dedicated servers to a consolidated, virtual environment gives your company a world of options for the future as well as hard cost savings today.

Benefits of Virtualization