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CTO & CIO Services

Are you looking for assistance with your business technology? Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) services allow companies to bring our expertise to the table for project management, network and budget audits, cloud migration, technology evaluation and implementation without the expense of a full-time staff member. We are available on both a contractual and project basis, depending on your needs and budget.

If your business is looking to make a change to your computer hardware and software infrastructure, give us a call. Whether you are thinking of moving services to the cloud, implementing a new piece of software, refreshing your desktop computers, adding Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities, moving your office, adopting VoIP and videoconferencing capabilities, or just wanting to bounce some ideas off of an expert, Extenda can provide a seasoned professional to educate and assist you. We can help you with implementation, vendor selection and alignment of your IT infrastructre and budget with your business goals.

Project Management

Engaging Extenda when you have an upcoming project can help you achieve your project goals quickly and efficiently. We provide professional project management and vendor oversight, as well as implementation services, depending on your needs and budget. Whether you need a small technology refresh or have a large migration or office relocation in mind, our IT Project Management services will bring your project in on time and on budget. Our consultative approach means that we are happy to work as an extension of your existing IT department, IT vendor, or network administrator, offering our years of management experience as well as successful implementation of thousands of installations to help your business and stakeholders achieve more.

IT Strategy and Advising

Experienced CIOs and CTOs with years of experience are available to engage managers and owners in high level discussions about their network and IT infrastructure. Aligning your business goals with your IT investments is a critical component of your organization's success, whether you are looking at implementing new accounting software or facing down a wholesale realignment of your business. Developing a plan and obtaining actionable steps to implementation can take the mystery out of technology budgeting and strategy.

Network Audits and Evaluation

Whether you need to make sure that your network is performing at its best, is ready for a migration to Voice over IP, or that your spending matches your needs, our wide-ranging network audits are designed to help you establish the health of your computer network and whether your budget is being allocated wisely. Many technology implementations fail because problems are only uncovered after an upgrade or significant investment in newer technology, blowing budgets out of the water, delaying implementation and making your IT department or vendors look bad. Our comprehensive network evaluation services provide you with the information you need before you make changes to your IT infrastructure.

Budget audits can help you evaluate whether you are getting the best return on investment (ROI) for your IT spending. We take a holistic look at your IT, Telecom and mobility budgets to find savings, identify waste, identify successes and find ways to efficiently allocate your technology spending. Whether you just want someone to take a look at your telephone or cell phone bills, or want to realign your department-wide spending, our budget audit services can help you optimize your resource allocation.

Security Audits

It seems that every day there is a news article about a data or privacy breach involving a blue chip company or government agency. Our Security Audits are designed to uncover vulnerabilities and develop best practices in your organization to keep your data and network as safe as possible from unwanted visitors.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Loss of critical pieces of data and infrastructure can cripple a business, destroy relationships with customers and stakeholders, and damage your image and hard-won reputation. Avoiding data loss and keeping your key pieces of IT infrastrucutre and network up and running are solvable problems. Keeping your network running and your data safely backed up are critical to your success and we can help implement a disaster recovery plan and infrastructure that is right for your business and budget.

Cloud Services, Virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

If you are interested in exploring your organization's options for moving to the cloud, have already virtualized key components of your network, are looking into Virtual Desktops and Terminal Services, or just want to improve your flexibility, mobility and access to business-critical network services, engage us to learn about how we can improve your business via cloud services. From servers to desktops to voice we can implement and migrate your key technology to a cloud-based solution to get your organization out of the server and desktop support business.

Dedicated Virtual Servers

Customers can use our dedicated data center resources to create virtual servers and workstations in seconds! Visit our self-service portal by clicking here to learn more about the dedicated cloud computing resources available at your fingertips. Our virtual servers are dedicated to your company, so you never have to worry about shared resources hurting your computing performance. Spin up a server in no time at all for production or test environments. Our precanned packages allow our customers to load applications and change their server settings to meet their unique needs immediately.

Cloud Communications

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, outsource the management and maintenance of your telephone and communications, or deploy a telephone system across multiple sites and personnel, we can help. Our cloud communications consulting services can be engaged to optimize your network for a VoIP deployment, take a network inventory to plan a migration, oversee the transition of your telephone numbers, migrate your faxing to the desktop, and oversee Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) selection.

Mitel IaaS

Through our partner Mitel Networks, we can offer a full suite of voice-optimized virtual servers for hosting your Mitel telephone system in a data center supported by Mitel engineers. Mitel's Infrastructure as a Service provides dedicated hosting resources, voice-optimized VMWare suite and specialty infrastructure to wring the best performance out of the Mitel MiVoice Business (former Mitel Communications Director / Mitel 3300) systems.

Zultys MXvirtual

We can deploy the Zultys MX system in a virtual environment, providing customers with the unique advantages of hosting telephone systems in a data center, including access to virtualization management and backup tools, fast turn-up of new servers, and a professionally managed, temperature controlled facility with multiple network and electrical grid links. We can also deploy the system to our own cloud or your private cloud, and create deployments with failovers from traditional appliances to the cloud, between clouds, and vice versa to reduce risks associated with geography and single site deployments.

Click here to learn more about Zultys real-time communications solutions for your business.

Network Infrastructure

Our certified, bonded, insured and licensed low voltage engineers can advise and install your voice and data network. Products and installation services include structured cabling, copper Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cabling, fiber optics, Cat 3 and even Cat 3 data converters, data room, equipment rack and server room buildouts, and network appliances such as firewalls, routers, switches, storage and battery backup & UPS equipment. We can also provide ancillary cabling and communication systems installations, such as paging and intercom systems, security and cable television wiring, entry control interfaces, as well as office equipment connectivity for scanners, fax machines, multi-function printers and postage machines.