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Managed Services: Entrepreneur Sleep Aid

Imagine not having to worry about your telephone system, servers, network or workstations. Imagine not needing to give a second thought to viruses, hackers, upgrades, maintenance, patches or the many other ongoing requirements your IT staff faces daily. ExtendaCare Managed Services were designed to take the guess work, anxiety and surprises out of your network.

Keeping up with your IT infrastructure can be an all-consuming job for your IT staff. There are a lot of things you have to do: hardware and software upgrades, patches, security protection, managing disk space, backups, and testing, among other critical functions. Then there are the unknowns: denial of service attacks and hackers, hardware and software failures, power failures, circuit losses, HVAC failures, disasters, and any number of compatibility and accidental causes of systems breakdown.

Assess your Preparation Level

Do you have confidence your systems are protected against viruses, malware and other security issues? Are you sure you are in compliance with software licensing and government regulations? Are you systems really backed up on a regular basis, and can you reliably recover data? Have you tested your backups?

If you are starting to wonder how prepared and current your systems are, you should consider managed services. Catastrophic loss of data can create losses that can't truly be measured. Loss of a phone system's connectivity or database can leave your company without a lifeline to customers, emergency services or other colleagues. More commonly, a loss of a critical server or component can generate a hefty bill and expensive downtime while the problem is troubleshot and repaired, not to mention a toll in interim data loss or rework.

Get confidence with Managed Services

Three tiers of Service

Extenda provides levels of service to meet your business needs and customer demands. Many of our customers are technical and self-sufficient, so they require support for hardware replacement and troubleshooting, while many more customers choose to focus on their core mission and strengths, leaving the administration of the phone system to the experts.

ExtendaCare Basic

Basic provides an extended parts warranty and priority service over cash customers, as well as labor and parts discounts.

ExtendaCare Standard

Standard introduces no charge remote moves, adds and changes to programming, so you can outsource your telephone system operation to us. Hours are between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Of course, all of the benefits of Basic are included, and expanded in some cases with deeper discounts and lower labor rates.

ExtendaCare Premium

Premium provides 24x7 operations with the 24x7 support they require to stay in business, as well as zero overtime charges for on-site work after hours and deeper parts and labor discounts.

Optional Security & Network Audit

With Managed services, you get much more than just some fixing of technical problems, you get real prevention of potential future problems. Our network and security audit and provide a risk assessment which can give you the peace of mind that your data and systems are safe today and will continue to be safe tomorrow.

Customize your Support

Your business is unique, so there is no reason your maintenance contract for your computers, servers, or telephone system should be anything less than uniquely yours. We offer three general tiers of support, with the ability to pick a la carte options from within the menu setup function.