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Extend the Life of your Inter-Tel Axxess with ExtendaCare

Whether you spell it Intertel, Mitel, Axxent or Axxess, your aging system needs support

We know that buying a new system is expensive. That is why we offer ExtendaCare, a three tiered maintenance option for customers looking to extend the life of their aging digital PBX telephone systems. Extenda was an Inter-Tel partner from the days of the IMX, up to the Premier, Axxent and Axxess systems, and then with the 5000 that was since adapted to become known today as the Mitel MiVoice Office 250 system.

We maintain a deep inventory of Axxess and Axxent equipment and a trained, qualified staff capable of fully managing this great system.

Managed Service with ExtendaCare

Our customers came to us and demanded a support plan beyond mere break-fix support that you would find in a warranty from a manufacturer. Telephone system equipment, while among the most reliable technology you can by, can also be expensive to replace. Similarly, telephone system programming and maintenance is not necessarily something technician pick up on the job - it tends to be a pretty niche field and many IT staff have better things to do than learn the various ways to program the Inter-Tel Axxess systems, let alone older equipment that we support such as Telrad, Premier, Samsung Prostar, Vodavi Starplus or Macrotel MT-16 systems.

Why Managed Service

Managed services for your telephone system help you avoid expensive surprises and control your telephone system spending, including traditional soft cost spending on active maintenance and upkeep. It also provides you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and priorty serivce over non-ExtendaCare customers.

Three tiers of Service

Extenda provides levels of service to meet your business needs and customer demands. Many of our customers are technical and self-sufficient, so they require support for hardware replacement and troubleshooting, while many more customers choose to focus on their core mission and strengths, leaving the administration of the phone system to the experts.

ExtendaCare Basic

Basic provides an extended parts warranty and priority service over cash customers, as well as labor and parts discounts.

ExtendaCare Standard

Standard introduces no charge remote moves, adds and changes to programming, so you can outsource your telephone system operation to us. Hours are between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Of course, all of the benefits of Basic are included, and expanded in some cases with deeper discounts and lower labor rates.

ExtendaCare Premium

Premium provides 24x7 operations with the 24x7 support they require to stay in business, as well as zero overtime charges for on-site work after hours and deeper parts and labor discounts.