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Solutions for Every Size and Budget

Every organization needs an effective business continuity plan to ensure their business keeps running, even in the face of a whole site outage at their primary data center location. Smaller organizations may lack the budget for their own Disaster Recovery site, but they still need a solution that is responsive and resilient. Every small company needs to be up and running after a disaster just as rapidly as an enterprise. However, the cost and complexity of setting up a Disaster Recovery site is prohibitive for the typical small business.

Challenges to Proper Backup and DR

Most companyies lack a Disaster Recovery location. Most businesses operate out of a single location with key IT assets co-located in their building. When this primary site goes down, a typical recovery strategy is to restore from backup tapes. This means the loss of at least one day’s worth of data and delays to the full restoration of service, assuming the tapes have decent data on them. Few if any companies are rigorously testing to make sure their own backups work.

Most on-site company IT staff are forced to be generalists, which means that when it comes to specialized backups, there is a lack of technical expertise. This leads to a struggle to implement solutions beyond daily backup of critical systems. For most companies, setting up and maintaining redundant infrastructure at a co-location provider with replication and failover infrastructure is simply beyond their technical capabilities.

Lastly, backups and disaster recovery takes money. While computing is getting cheaper all the time, the reality of the paperless office is that an office without some sort of backup plan - not just for backing up data, but for parallel or failover access to critical applications - is courting a business disaster. The answer for most businesses is implementing an affordable cloud based backup or failover solution to support their operations and provide geographic redundancy.

Managed Recovery

Extenda Backups and Disaster Recovery

We offer a fully-managed backup and disaster service. We can manage everything for you, from disaster recovery plan design, implementation, regular recovery tests, and backup disaster recovery. This allows you to offload the risk to us, while taking advantage of services that increase your business's resiliency.

A Partner You Can Count On

When downtime and data loss are not an option, ensure business continuity with an “Always On" solution even in the event of disaster. Whether you want to develop a self-managed backup system, add process automation into the mix, or manage your own secondary site, Extenda can provide the equipment, software, off-premise location, infrastructure, and personnel bthat meets your needs.