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Mitel MiVoice Business (MCD/3300)

For companies with as few as 15 users to corporations spanning up to 65,000 users in locations across the globe, the MiVoice Business provides the best communications platform on the market. No other IP communications system allows you to deploy the phone system any way you wish: in your office in a traditional Mitel server, a generic server you provide, as a VMware™ application, hosted in a data center or deployed as a cloud-based solution. You can even mix and match deployments, connecting an on-premise system to a virtualized system in a data center for maximum flexibility.

How do you want your Mitel?

Too many phone systems make the tail wag the dog - you have to adjust your network to accommodate the voice component from your IP telephone solution. Whether it is a hosted solution or a traditional solution with an on-site phone system, most competing solutions give you no choice. Mitel lets you mix and match installation and service options to suit your network and IT policies, matching your voice services with your business goals and objectives. From a traditional premise-based PBX installation to VMware™ deployments in your cloud, in a data center, Extenda's SAS70 data center or in Mitel's fully managed, voice-optimized data center, Mitel can allow you to craft a voice solution that fits into your plans.

Mitel MiVoice Office (5000)

Mitel's MiVoice Office is designed to target the small-to-medium sized enterprise with anywhere from a handful to hundreds of users. This IP-based communications system also supports digital and analog telephones running on traditional cable infrastructure, allowing reuse of older Inter-Tel telephones and existing voice network equipment. With amazing applications built right into the system, the MiVoice Office is designed to be simple to administer and inexpensive to expand, deliving value to your organization.