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Every phone system on the market promises easy-to-use phones, easy-to-use software, and brilliantly simple administration. We find that with most systems, the reality falls short of the promise. The real-time communication systems from Zultys provide best-in-class features, intuitive, easy administration, an incredible business continuity and disaster recovery opportunity, and unmatched adherence to open standards such as SIP, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) principles with native clients for Windows, BlackBerry, Android phones and tablets, and Mac OSX and Apple iOS phones and tablets.

Voice as a Service

Zultys allows companies to deploy the system any way they want to. If your organization has already migrated to the cloud, or is looking at migrating to an internet-based infrastructure, the Zultys IP telephone system can fit whatever architecture you have in mind. Whether you are looking at a private cloud, public cloud, or a cloud managed by your vendor or manufacturer, the Zultys can not only provide a single solution, but a meshed solution with a single, unified user experience. Even if you are locked into contracts with traditional telephone service carriers, we can install the unique all-in-one Zultys MX appliance on your network, connecting to traditional telephone service, backing up your telephone system to the cloud, or just about any configuration you can imagine.

Real-Time Communications Server

Serving as more than a mere phone system, Zultys has built an all-in-one, SIP-based, real-time communications platform that is second to none. Providing not just phone calls on any medium - SIP, analog, T1, PRI - but instant messaging, desktop faxing, call recording, built-in reporting, built-in contact center features, cell phone integration with find me/follow me features, desktop integration, software-based softphones, audio conference bridge, automated attendant, voicemail, Unified Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), outbound dialer (autodialer), appointment reminder, resiliency and disaster recovery, hot desking/any phone login, built in hold music, text-to-speech engine and a router. No other system comes close to offering the breadth of applications in a single server.

Bulletproof Real-Time Communications

The Zultys system is built on a hardened Linux kernel, providing stable, blazingly fast operations. The MX250 appliance has options for RAID drives, dual power supplies with graceful shutdowns built in, and a power failure relay transfer of calls to analog devices in the event of a system failure. Adding a backup appliance provides live, automated failover in the event of a disaster or system failure. Unlike competing products, 100% of the applications, features and functionality follow the failover, for true resiliency in a single appliance. Telephone circuit failover can be added with the XRS12 switch, preserving your phone connections even with traditional telephone circuit connections.

Grow Your Zultys With Your Business

In terms of capacity, the Zultys can expand and grow as your business succeeds. A single MX30 supports 10 trunks and 30 users, while the MX250 supports 60 trunks and 250 users. The MXvirtual can grow as large as a single cluster of MX250s, supporting 240 trunks and 1,000 users. Network up to 128 Zultys systems together for deployments supporting 10,000 users. Licenses can be activated remotely, for rapid deployment when and where you need them without needing to wait for an engineer to be on site.

History of Zultys

Zultys Technologies was founded in 2001 by Iain Milnes. Having made over a $400M fortune selling his 3rd start-up, Zarak Systems, a manufacturer of voice diagnostic equipment for carrier networks, Mr. Milnes turned to VoIP and invested over $100M from 2001 to 2006 in the company, developing the core Zultys appliances that today are the MX30 and MX250 products. Zultys changed hands in 2006, being purchased by an investment group called Pivot VOIP, who changed the company name to Zultys, Inc.

Since the 2006 purchase, Zultys has won coveted industry awards again and again. The company is currently profitable, growing, and their innovative, awesome systems are winning rave reviews from the industry press.

New Ownership

Zultys leadership wasted no time transforming the intellectual property and engineering team. The company acquired an experienced leadership team of VoIP veterans and began ramping up marketing and sales efforts. In addition, the company accelerated investments in technology. Today, the company has moved the core communications platform to a software-based model, with the ability to virtualize the entire phone system and migrate it to the cloud. This makes it simple to upgrade, with no physical parts to wear out or break, besides the telephones themselves. It also makes it a cinch to recover from an outage or to recover from a disaster in your local area. Zultys could very well be the last phone system you will ever need to buy.

SIP Standards

In an amazing bit of foresight, the SIP standard that was the foundation for the Zultys platform became the standard industry-wide for Voice over IP communications. While many vendors pushed their proprietary, closed protocols to compete for the prize, Zultys persevered with the SIP open standard.

One of SIP's major advantages is that it is a media delivery protocol, and not designed just for phone calls. This means that you can push video, desktop sharing, chat and more over the same packets, creating a uniform, easy to administer set of standards and commands instead of a different playbook and interface for each type of communication. Another advantage is that SIP is largely vendor-agnostic for phones, so you can connect just about any SIP phone to the system, instead of being limited to the phones from your manufacturer.