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NEC SL1100

For customers looking for reliability, value, and simplicity, the NEC SL1100 delivers an unbeatable value for homes and small businesses. The compact, efficient SL1100 provides an IP-based telephone system that readily supports your home or office telephone cabling with NEC's versatile digital telephones and traditional analog telephone support.

Most Affordable Telephone System

The SL1100 has some key advantages over competing telephone systems. Most important for many smaller businesses, the NEC has an unbeatable price point. The system includes a five year parts warranty, built-in automated attendant for simple, efficient call routing and a professional image, and built-in music on hold that you can record through a telephone or upload via audio file. The system also supports SIP trunking natively, which can slash telephone bills and add features that are simply impossible with older telephone company connections. With NEC's 32-port conference bridge built into the system, you never have to pay for a conference call hosting service ever again.

Reliability Features

Sharing the same code base and much of the enterprise feature set of the enterprise-class NEC Univerge line-up of VoIP-based telephone systems for the enterprise (including the NEC SV8100, NEC SV8300 and NEC SV8500 systems), the NEC SL1100 provides Fortune 500 features to the small business and non-profit. Unheard of at this price point, the SL1100 supports full resiliency, so you can add a second system as a live backup. Each NEC IP telephone can register to up to 4 different IP addresses, so you can failover to a hosted system in the cloud, bypass network problems, or even take your NEC VoIP phone extension home with you and plug it into the internet without changing a single setting.

Hotel and Motel Hospitality Features

For businesses and organizations looking to add premium features and advanced features, the SL1100 provides a number of advanced, core applications that can be turned on with a system-wide license. Hotel and Motel features are instantly made available with the addition of the Hospitality license. Check in and check out, advanced calling restrictions, restricted room-to-room dialing, automatic wake up calls and room codes for cleaning staff and the front desk are all enabled with a simple one-time license purchase.

Cell Phone and Email Integration

Advanced voicemail and messaging features are available with a system-wide license as well. The InMail Advanced Feature License provides Unified Messaging for busy professionals, road warriors, and today's mobile workforce. This license provides users with voicemail sent to their email account. It also enables advanced mobile phone integration, including "Find Me/Follow Me" call routing that enables the phone system to automatically try different telephone numbers to pass incoming business calls to users. It also provides a feature called 'Cascading Message Notification' that can alert different devices and phone numbers that you have a new voicemail message.

Smartphone Apps and Desktop Clients

For companies looking to integrate their telephone system into their smartphone, tablet and desktop PC environment, NEC offers the Desktop Suite License and the U-Mobility app for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. The desktop Unified Communications clients allows users to see who is available, make and receive calls, and integrate their phone with Microsoft Outlook simply and easily. This desktop client for Windows doubles as a full-blown NEC softphone, so you can plug in a headset and make and receive calls from your laptop or PC without an actual telephone on your desk. NEC's U-Mobility app makes it possible to turn your smartphone into an office extension, making and receiving office telephone calls over WiFi.



The NEC DSX is a fantastic digital telephone system perfect for homes and offices with existing telephone cabling and analog telephones. The system has home-friendly features such as built-in doorbox support, answering machine emulation, simple programming, and wireless telephone options. This easy and affordable small business and residential telephone system delivers value and years of use with NEC's legendary reliability.