Send the outside call you are on to a co-worker.
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Transfer permits an extension user to send (i.e., extend) an active call to any other extension in the system, a Ring Group, UCD Group or voice mail. With Transfer, any extension user can quickly send a call to the desired co-worker. A call a user transfers automatically recalls if not picked up at the destination extension. If a transferred outside call is still unanswered, the call diverts to Key Ring. This assures that users do not lose or inadvertently abandon their transfers. An extension user can Transfer both outside calls and Intercom calls.

The system allows the following types of transfers:
  • Screened Transfer The transferring user announces the call to the destination before hanging up.
  • Unscreened Transfer The transferring party extends the call without an announcement.

Distinctive Flash Rate on Recall

Transfer recall features a distinctive flash rate for line keys (see the chart below). This allows the keyset extension user to easily differentiate new calls that are ringing from transferred calls that are recalling.

Distinctive Flash Rate on Transfer Recall
For this type of call: You see this flash rate:
Call that you transferred Slow Flash (red)
Call that you initially transferred recalling your phone Double Wink On (green)

Transfer Recall Display

The Transfer recall display occurs as the call is ringing the extension that initially transferred it as well as after the call diverts to Key Ring. It identifies:
  • The type of call recalling the extension.
  • The extension to which the call was initially transferred.

Handsfree Transfer

Handsfree Transfer allows an extension user to Transfer an outside call directly to a co-worker’s speakerphone.

Hotline Automatic Transfer

With Hotline Automatic Transfer, the extension can Transfer their call to a co-worker just by pressing their Hotline key and hanging up. Without Hotline Automatic Transfer, the user must press TRANSFER before pressing the Hotline key. If the user frequently uses their Hotline key for one-button Transfer to co-workers, Hotline Automatic Transfer is recommended. If the user prefers to consult with their Hotline partner rather than Transfer, disabling Hotline Automatic Transfer would be helpful.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled
  • Music On Hold for transferred callers is disabled.

Other Related Features


  • Call Coverage Keys
    • An extension user can use a Call Coverage key to Transfer a call to the covered extension.
  • Call Forwarding
    • Call Forwarding will reroute transferred calls.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
    • Transfer can automatically Camp-On to a busy extension.
  • Direct Station Selection (DSS)
    • You can press your DSS key to Transfer a call instead of dialing a co-worker’s extension number.
  • Do Not Disturb
    • DND blocks Transfer.
  • Door Box
    • An extension user cannot Transfer a call to a Door Box.
  • Extended Ringing
    • With Extended Ringing enabled, transferred outside calls ring the destination extension for the Number of Extended Rings before recalling the transferring extension.
  • Extension Hunting
    • Outside calls transferred to a Terminal or Circular Hunting group member activate hunting. In addition, outside calls transferred to a UCD Group master number activate hunting.
  • Group Call Pickup
    • An outside call transferred to an extension in a Pickup Group activates Group Call Pickup.
  • Group Ring
    • An extension user can Transfer a call to a Ring Group master number. If unanswered, the call will recall the extension from which it was transferred.
  • Hold
    • If an extension receiving a screened Transfer answers the screen and immediately hangs up (before the transferring extension), the call goes on Exclusive Hold at the transferring extension.
  • Hotline
    • An extension user can Transfer a call to their Hotline partner by pressing their Hotline key.
  • Intercom
    • The system cannot Transfer Intercom calls.
  • Key Ring
    • An unanswered call transferred to an extension diverts to Key Ring if unanswered at the transferring extension.
  • Music on Hold
    • With Music on Hold enabled, transferred callers can optionally listen to ringback or MOH while their call waits at the transfer destination. Music on Hold will also play to transferred callers camped-on to a busy UCD Group.
  • Off-Hook Signaling
    • An extension user can Transfer their current call to a co-worker or voice mail and then answer the waiting call. In addition, transferred calls can initiate Off-Hook Signaling.
  • Reverse Voice Over
    • While idle, an extension user can use their Reverse Voice Over key to Transfer calls.
  • Station Message Detail Recording
    • The system assigns the SMDR record to the last extension on the call. For example, if extension 306 answers the call, talks for 20 minutes, and then Transfers the call to extension 302, extension 302 “owns” the entire call record as soon as they hang up.
  • Voice Mail (IntraMail)
    • Pressing TRANSFER + Call Coverage Key can Transfer a call to an uninstalled extension’s mailbox (if the mailbox is enabled).
    • Pressing a Hotline key can also Transfer a call to an uninstalled extension’s mailbox (if the mailbox is enabled).
  • Voice Over
    • An extension user can Voice Over after making a Screened Transfer and hearing busy/ring tone.

IntraMail Features

  • None.