Reverse Voice Over

Privately call a co-worker while you’re busy on your handset.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Reverse Voice Over
User Operation
Reverse Voice Over


While on a handset call, Reverse Voice Over lets a busy keyset user make a private Intercom call to an idle co-worker. The busy user just presses and holds down a programmed Reverse Voice Over key to make a private call to the assigned co-worker. The initial caller cannot hear the Reverse Voice Over conversation. The private Intercom call continues until the Reverse Voice Over caller releases the key again. The initial handset call can be an outside call or an Intercom call. An extension can have Reverse Voice Over keys for more than one co-worker.

Reverse Voice Over could help a salesperson, for example, when placing a call to an important client. The salesperson can talk with the client and give special instructions to an assistant — without interrupting the initial call.

When the keyset is idle, the Reverse Voice Over key functions the same as a Hotline key. The key also shows at a glance the status of the associated extension:
Reverse Voice Over Busy Lamp Indications
When the key is: The covered extension is:
Off Idle or not installed
On Busy or ringing
Medium Flash Assigned extension is in DND for outside calls (option 1)
Fast Flash Assigned extension is in DND for Intercom calls (option 2) or All Calls (option 3)

Reverse Voice Over uses a system Conference circuit while it is active. The following table shows the system’s Conference capacities:

Description Capacity
Conference circuits 32
Maximum simultaneous users in Conference (total of all Conferences system-wide) 32
Maximum simultaneous conferences 8
Maximum parties in any one Conference (lines and/or extensions) 8

The system’s 32 Conference circuits are dynamically allocated as users request them.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No Reverse Voice Over keys assigned.

Release Notes (System)

Intermittently Doesn't Function

[3.01] This software version corrects condition that would cause Reverse Voice Over to intermittently not function correctly.

Reference: A090709008

Other Related Features


  • Conference
    • An extension user cannot add an incoming Reverse Voice Over call to a Conference.
  • Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console
    • A DSS Console can not have a Reverse Voice Over key.
  • Do Not Disturb
    • DND does not block Reverse Voice Over.
  • Hold
    • An extension cannot put an incoming Reverse Voice Over call on Hold.
  • Transfer
    • While idle, an extension user can use their Reverse Voice Over key to Transfer calls.

IntraMail Features

  • None.