Group Ring

Use Group Ring to call a group of co-worker’s simultaneously.
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Programming Group Ring
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[3.01] Unique Ringing for Department (Ring and UCD) Groups
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Group Ring


Group Ring allows you to arrange extensions into Ring Groups for answering calls. When a call comes into the Ring Group master number, all extensions in the group ring simultaneously. Any user in the Ring Group can answer the call just by lifting the handset. The ringing call can be:
  • A Direct Inward Line to the Ring Group (i.e., terminated to the Ring Group master number).
  • An outside call transferred to the Ring Group master number.
  • An intercom call to the Ring Group master number.

[3.01] A Ring Group is a uniquely assigned Department Group. By default, all 30 Department Groups are assigned as Ring Groups. Department Groups 1-30 use extension numbers 601-630. See Department Groups for more

Overflow for Group Ring Calls

[3.01] You can set up a Ring Group to overflow to voice mail.

If the Ring Group DIL does not have overflow programmed, the call will divert to Key Ring after the Line No Answer interval.

Conditions and Defaults


  • [3.01] None.

Default Setting

  • By default, extension (master) numbers for Ring Groups are:
    • [3.01] 601-630 for Department Groups 1-30.

Other Related Features


  • Call Coverage Keys
    • A keyset can have Call Coverage keys for Ring Group master numbers.
  • Call Forwarding
    • Call Forwarding does not reroute Ring Group calls.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
    • An extension user cannot Camp-On to a busy Ring Group. When all extensions in the Ring Group are busy, the call continues to ring until an extension becomes free.
  • Caller ID
    • An extension’s display will show Caller ID data for a line terminated to a Ring Group master number as the call is ringing.
  • Direct Inward Line
    • A DIL can terminate to a Ring Group master number. When a call comes in on the line, all phones in the Ring Group ring simultaneously.
  • Directed Call Pickup
    • Directed Call Pickup can intercept Ring Group calls.
  • Directory Dialing
    • Intercom Directory dialing will show Ring Group names.
  • Extension Hunting
    • Group Ring calls do not activate hunting.
  • Night Service / Night Ring
    • The Night (System) key sets the day/night status of a DIL terminated to a Ring Group.
  • Transfer
    • An extension user can Transfer a call to a Ring Group master number. If unanswered, the call will recall the extension from which it was transferred.

IntraMail Features

  • Voice Mail Overflow
    • An unanswered DIL to the Ring Group master number can be picked up by the Ring Group Mailbox.