Directed Call Pickup

Directed Call Pickup allows co-workers to answer each other’s calls.
User Operation
Directed Call Pickup


Directed Call Pickup permits an extension user to intercept any type of call ringing another extension. With Directed Call Pickup, an extension user can pick up:
  • Outside (Key Ring) calls ringing an extension
  • Direct Inward Lines
  • Transferred outside calls
  • Ringing Intercom calls
  • Recalls (e.g., Hold recall)
  • Ring Group Calls (by dialing either the ringing extension’s number or the Ring Group master number)
  • Ringing Call Coverage key calls
  • Ringing Group Call Pickup calls
  • Calls ringing an Intercom Queue key

Conditions and Defaults


Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Other Related Features


  • Hold
    • Directed Call Pickup can pick up Hold recalls.
  • Park
    • Personal Park allows an extension user to pick up a call parked at a co-worker’s extension.
  • The following features also let co-worker’s cover each other’s calls:

IntraMail Features

  • None.