Group Call Pickup

Easily answer a call ringing your Pickup Group, even if you don’t know which extension is ringing.
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Programming Group Call Pickup
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Group Call Pickup


Group Call Pickup allows an extension user to answer a call ringing an extension in their assigned Pickup Group. This permits co-workers in the same Pickup Group to easily answer each other’s ringing calls. The user can intercept the ringing call by dialing a code or pressing a programmed Group Call Pickup key. The system has a maximum of eight Pickup Groups, with an unlimited number of extensions in each group. However, an extension can be a member of only one pickup group.

Group Call Pickup can answer the following types of calls:
  • Ringing Intercom calls
  • Transferred calls
  • Direct Inward Lines
  • Calls on lines assigned to the Pickup Group

To simplify picking up calls, an extension can have Feature Keys assigned as Group Call Pickup keys. There are three types of Group Call Pickup keys: immediate ring, no ring (lamp only), or delayed ring.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No Pickup Groups assigned.

Release Notes (System)

User Programmable Delay Ring Option Added

[3.05] Menu + Ringing + Key Assignments (Menu + 41) provides Ring, Lamp Only, and Delay Ring options. In prior version 3 releases, only Lamp and Ring were available.

Reference: A090805002

Other Related Features


  • Direct Inward Line
    • DILs to an extension activate Group Call Pickup if the extension ringing is a member of a Pickup Group.
  • Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console
    • DSS Consoles can have Group Call Pickup keys.
  • Directed Call Pickup
    • Directed Call Pickup is another way to pick up calls ringing an extension.
  • Distinctive Ringing
    • By using Key Ring Override, Distinctive Ringing allows an extension user to set up unique ringing for their Group Call Pickup keys.
  • Intercom
    • Ringing Intercom calls activate Group Call Pickup if the extension ringing is a member of a Pickup Group.
  • Transfer
    • An outside call transferred to an extension in a Pickup Group activates Group Call Pickup.

IntraMail Features

  • None.