Direct Inward Line

A DIL lets an employee know which calls are just for them.
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Direct Inward Line


A Direct Inward Line (DIL) is a line that rings an extension directly. Since DILs only ring one extension, employees always know which calls are for them. For example, a company operator can have a Direct Inward Line for International Sales Information. When outside callers dial the DIL’s phone number, the call rings the operator on the International Sales line key. The DIL does not ring other extensions.

Assigning a DIL to an extension automatically provides immediate ringing and incoming access for the line, with no additional programming required.

A DIL can ring:
  • Extension numbers (including the attendant’s extension)
  • Ring Group master numbers
  • UCD Group master numbers (including the voice mail master number)

Night Mode Control

The extension to which the line is terminated controls the night mode of the line. For example, if extension 301 has line 1 assigned as a DIL, the user can press DND to switch line 1 to its night routing destination. Switching line 1 to night mode at extension 301 has no affect on the night mode of the system. This flexibility could allow a service dispatcher with several DILs to independently send lines to their night destinations without affecting the night mode of the entire system.

Overflow for Direct Inward Lines

If unanswered, DIL calls can route to a programmed overflow destination. The overflow destination can be an extension, Ring Group, UCD Group or voice mail (i.e., DIL destination’s mailbox). You can set up separate DIL overflow destinations for the day mode and at night. If unanswered at the overflow destination, the call diverts to Key Ring.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No DILs assigned.

Other Related Features


  • Call Forwarding
    • Call Forwarding will reroute an extension’s DILs.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
    • A DIL to a busy extension will send Camp-On tones (if the extension is programmed to normally receive Camp-On tones).
  • Central Office Calls, Answering
  • Central Office Calls, Placing
    • Refer to these features to set additional parameters for lines (such as transmit gain, receive gain and sidetone level). In addition, extension users can place calls on DILs, just like other lines (depending on programming).
  • Delayed Ringing
    • DILs automatically override Delayed Ringing.
  • Do Not Disturb
    • Enabling Do Not Disturb at an extension puts that extension’s DILs into Night Mode.
  • Extended Ringing
    • With Extended Ringing enabled, DIL lines ring for the Number of Extended Rings before routing to the overflow destination.
  • Extension Hunting
    • DILs to a Circular or Terminal Hunting group member initiate hunting. In addition, DILs to a UCD Group master number ring the UCD Group directly
  • Group Ring
    • A DIL can ring a Ring Group master number.
  • Key Ring
    • An unanswered DIL diverts to all extensions with Key Ring for the line.
  • Line Keys
  • Loop Keys
    • When you assign a line as a DIL, it continues to flash its previously programmed line/loop key assignments. It will not, however, ring those phones.
  • Names for Extensions and Lines
    • Programming names for DILs makes it easier to identify incoming callers.
  • Night Service / Night Ring
    • The extension to which the DIL is terminated controls the night mode of the DIL by pressing their DND key.
  • Off-Hook Signaling
    • A DIL ringing a busy extension can automatically initiate Off-Hook Signaling.
  • Paging
    • DILs cannot ring over the External Paging speakers or activate the page relay.
  • Prime Line Preference
    • If an extension’s Prime Line is another extension’s DIL, lifting the handset will answer the call even though it does not ring the phone.
  • Voice Mail (IntraMail)
    • The voice mail Automated Attendant will answer a DIL terminated to the voice mail Master Number.

IntraMail Features

  • Voice Mail Overflow
    • An unanswered DIL to the Ring Group master number can be picked up by the Ring Group Mailbox.