Names for Extensions and Lines

Names help identify lines and extensions.
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Names for Extensions and Lines


Extensions and lines can have names instead of just circuit numbers. These names show on a keyset’s display when the user places or answers calls. Extension and line names make it easier to identify callers. The user does not have to refer to a directory when processing calls. Extension and line names can consist of upper and lower case letters, spaces and punctuation, and can be up to 18 characters long.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No extension names assigned (the extension’s number displays instead).
  • All line names are LINE followed by the line’s number (e.g., LINE 2).
  • User-entered names are available only at the attendant (Class of Service 1).

Release Notes (System)

Incorrect Extension Entry Shows Wrong Display

[3.09] This software corrects the following problem at extensions with Access Level 5:
  1. Press Menu + Admin + Extension Name (Menu + 03).
  2. Enter an invalid extension number + Next.
  3. The display incorrectly shows: Clear Pin On Ext:

Reference: A090925003

Programming A Co-Worker's Name Disabled at Certain Extensions

[3.05] This software corrects a problem in prior version 3 releases that would prevent certain extensions with Access Level 5 from using Menu + Admin + Extension Name (Menu + 03) to program a co-worker's name.

Reference: A090811003

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