Line Keys

Press a line key for one-touch access to an outside line.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Line and Loop Keys
Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing
User Operation
Line Keys


A line key provides an extension user with one-button access to outside lines. The extension user just presses a line key to place or answer a call on the line. There is no need to dial codes to access or intercept outside calls. In addition, a line key provides a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) for the line to which it is assigned (see the table below).

Line Key BLF Indications
When the key is: The line is:
Off Idle or not installed
On (red) In use or on Exclusive Hold at a co-worker’s extension
On (green) In use at your extension
Wink On (red) On System Hold at a co-worker’s extension
Wink On (green) On System Hold at your extension
Double Wink On (green) On Exclusive Hold or recalling your extension
Slow Flash (red) Ringing into the system
Slow Flash (green) Ringing or recalling directly to your extension

Answering Priority

When multiple calls ring an extension simultaneously, the system services the ringing calls in the following order:
  1. Ringing Intercom call
  2. Line or loop key (from lowest to highest)

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • (DSX-80/160) Keys 1-12 are line keys for lines 1-12.
  • (DSX-40) Keys 1-8 are line keys for lines 1-8.

Other Related Features


  • Automatic Handsfree
    • Automatic Handsfree allows the keyset user to answer a call ringing a line key without lifting the handset; they just press the line key instead.
  • Central Office Calls, Placing
    • Line Keys give a user one-touch access to specific lines.
  • Direct Inward Line
    • When you assign a line as a DIL, it continues to flash its previously programmed line/loop key assignments. It will ring line/loop keys only after diverting to Key Ring.
  • Distinctive Ringing
    • By using Key Ring Override, Distinctive Ringing allows an extension user to set up unique ringing for their line keys.
  • Loop Keys
    • Loop keys also provide one-button access to lines.
  • Ringing Line Preference
    • Ringing Line Preference allows an extension user to answer a call ringing a line key just by lifting the handset.

IntraMail Features

  • None.