Delayed Ringing

Delayed Ringing helps co-workers cover each other’s unanswered calls.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Delayed Ringing
User Operation
Delayed Ringing


Delayed Ringing allows a line to start ringing a preset interval after the call starts flashing a line key. This is helpful for co-workers that cover each other’s calls. For example, a secretary can have Delayed Ringing for the lines that ring the boss’s telephone. If the boss doesn’t answer after the Delayed Ringing interval, the call will start ringing the secretary’s extension.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Settings

  • Lines 1-8 immediately ring on line keys 1-8.

Other Related Features


  • Call Coverage Keys
    • Delayed Ringing is also available for Call Coverage Keys.
  • Distinctive Ringing
    • You can set up Delayed Ringing to ring with a distinctive tone.
  • Private Line
    • Consider having Delayed Ringing for Private Lines. Users with Delayed Ringing will ring for the Private Line only if it is not answered.

IntraMail Features

  • None.