Programming Delayed Ringing

Additional Feature Information
Delayed Ringing

Delayed Ringing Setup

Setting the ring type and Delayed Ringing timer.

  1. 2132-[01-64]: Line Ringing Stations: Config: Ring Assign: Line Ringing (2132): Ring Assignment]
    Set the type of ringing for each line. Delayed Ringing is option 4.
    Option Description
    1 Lamp only day and night.
    2 [Default] Immediate ringing day and night.
    3 Immediate ring at night, lamp only during the day.
    4 Delayed ringing day and night.
  2. 1604-01: Delay Ring Timer [System: Timers: Features: Station (1604): Delay Ring]
    Use this option to set the Delay Ringing interval.
    If a line is set for Delayed Ringing, it will initially lamp only and the start to ring after this interval.
    Option Description
    0 Delayed Ringing disabled.
    1-9999 Seconds. [Default] = 10 seconds.