Direct Inward Line

Additional Feature Information
Direct Inward Line

Handling Your Direct Inward Lines

To answer a call on your Direct Inward Line:

  1. The line (or loop) key for your DIL flashes fast.
  2. Lift the handset.
    1. The key lights on (green) when you connect to your caller.

To place your Direct Inward Line into the Night Mode:

  1. Press DND.
    1. DND flashes.
  2. Set the DND mode.
    1. Dial 1 for DND for outside calls.
    2. Dial 2 for DND for Intercom calls.
    3. Dial 3 for DND for all calls.
    4. Alternately dial 0 to cancel DND.
  3. This places your extension in DND and sends your DIL to its night destination.