Call Waiting / Camp-On

Call Waiting helps busy extension users know when they have additional waiting calls. It also lets callers wait in line for a busy extension without being forgotten.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Call Waiting / Camp On
User Operation
Call Waiting / Camp-On


With Call Waiting, an extension user may call a busy extension and wait in line (Camp-On) without hanging up. When the user Camps-On (by dialing 2), the system signals the busy extension with two beeps indicating the first waiting call. (The busy extension can be on a handset or Handsfree call.) The call goes through when the extension becomes free.

If an extension has more than one caller waiting, they queue on a first-in/first-out basis (FIFO). The extension will not hear Camp-On beeps for additional waiting calls.

Off-Hook Signaling also alerts the user when unanswered calls are waiting to get through. Turn to Off-Hook Signaling for more.

The following chart shows when the two types of Off-Hook Signaling occur. Note that Camp-On tones occur for an extension when they are the exclusive recipient of the call (such as a DIL).
Off-Hook Ringing 1 Camp-On Tones 2
Key Ring Yes No
Transferred Outside Call Yes Yes
Direct Inward Line Yes Yes
Transfer from voice mail (UTRF) Yes Yes
Call Coverage Key Yes No
Group Call Pickup Key Yes No
1 For Off-Hook ringing, 2116-03: Off Hook Signaling for Incoming Outside Calls Stations: Config: Options: Off Hook Signal (2116): OHS Lines] = 2.
2 For Camp-On tones, 2116-03: Off Hook Signaling for Incoming Outside Calls Stations: Config: Options: Off Hook Signal (2116): OHS Lines] (page 750) = 1.

Conditions and Defaults


  • A system reset or power failure cancels all Camp-Ons system wide.
  • While busy on a call, Camp-On tones occur only for the first incoming call and do not repeat.

Default Setting

  • Call Waiting tones enabled.

Other Related Features


  • Attendant Position
    • An extension user cannot Camp-On to the attendant because the attendant’s extension is never busy.
  • Callback
    • If an extension user Camps-On and then hangs up, the system converts the Camp-On to a Callback.
  • Caller ID
    • An extension programmed to receive Camp-On tones or Off-Hook Ringing from a waiting call will also receive Second Call Caller ID.
  • Direct Inward Line
    • DILs to a busy extension automatically send Camp-On tones.
  • Do Not Disturb
    • An extension cannot Camp-On to a busy co-worker that is also in Do Not Disturb.
  • Intercom
    • A user can Camp-On after placing an Intercom call to a busy co-worker.
  • Key Ring
    • A Key Ring call will not send Camp-On beeps to a busy extension that normally rings for that call.
  • Line Queuing / Line Callback
    • Line Queuing lets an extension user Camp-On to a busy line.
  • Privacy
    • Privacy blocks Camp-On / Call Waiting.
  • Split (Alternate)
    • Camp-On lets an extension user know that a call is waiting to be answered. The user can Split between the waiting call and their current call.
  • Transfer
    • An extension user can Transfer a call to a busy extension. The call will automatically Camp-On to the busy extension.
  • Volume, Brightness, and Contrast Controls
    • The extension user cannot adjust the volume of incoming Camp-On tone.

IntraMail Features

  • None