Split (Alternate)

Switch between active calls without Conferencing the calls together.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Split (Alternate)
User Operation
Split (Alternate)


With Split, an extension user can split (alternate) between a current call and a new call. Split lets the extension user easily alternate between the calls without joining (Conferencing) the parties together.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Split disabled (no Split keys programmed).

Release Notes (System)

Intercom Split Reliability Improved

[3.09] This software version improves the reliability of the Intercom Split operation. In prior versions, the user had to wait for their INTERCOM key to change from wink off (green) to slow flash (green) before pressing INTERCOM to answer the waiting call. The change is now immediate and there is no need to wait.

Reference: A090916006

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