Use Intercom to call any co-worker.
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Intercom gives extension users access to other extensions. This provides the system with complete internal calling capability.

Handsfree Answerback and Forced Intercom Ringing

Handsfree Answerback permits an extension user to respond to a voice-announced Intercom call by speaking toward the phone, without lifting the handset. Like Handsfree, this is a convenience for workers who don’t have a free hand to pick up the handset. Incoming Intercom calls alert with two beeps if the extension has Handsfree Answerback — a single beep if it does not.

Forced Intercom Ringing causes an Intercom call to ring the destination extension. You can enable Forced Intercom Ringing system-wide (for all extensions), or a user can dial a code to have their Intercom call ring the destination.

For more on setting up Handsfree Answerback and Forced Intercom Ringing, see Handsfree and Handsfree Answerback for more.

Intercom Feature Key

[2.18] An extension can have an Intercom Feature Key. The primary purpose of this key is to enable additional features on the Cordless Lite II and Cordless DECT telephones. The Intercom key allows the cordless user to pick up a call on Intercom Hold. It also allows the user to get Intercom dial tone if they have a Prime Line to an outside line.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Intercom calling always enabled.

Other Related Features


  • Attendant Position
    • Designate each extension’s operator.
  • Call Coverage Keys
    • A user can press a Call Coverage Key as an alternative to dialing Intercom numbers.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
    • A user can Camp-On after placing an Intercom call to a busy co-worker.
  • Callback
    • A user can leave a Callback request after placing an Intercom call to a busy co-worker.
  • Direct Station Selection (DSS)
    • A user can press a DSS key as an alternative to dialing Intercom numbers.
  • Directory Dialing
    • Directory Dialing is a convenient alternative to manually dialing Intercom numbers.
  • Extension Hunting
    • Voice-announced Intercom calls do not initiate hunting.
  • Flexible Numbering Plan
    • Change the digits users dial to place Intercom calls to co-workers.
  • Group Call Pickup
    • Ringing Intercom calls activate Group Call Pickup if the extension ringing is a member of a Pickup Group.
  • Handsfree and Handsfree Answerback
    • Handsfree Answerback allows a user to answer an Intercom call by just speaking toward the phone.
  • Headset Compatibility
    • Extensions with headsets cannot receive voice-announced Intercom calls.
  • Hotline
    • A user can press a Hotline Key as an alternative to dialing Intercom numbers.
  • Last Number Redial
    • Last Number Redial cannot redial Intercom calls.
  • Message Waiting
    • A user can leave a Message Waiting after placing an Intercom call to a busy co-worker.
  • Music on Hold
    • Music on Hold plays to Intercom callers on Hold.
  • Names for Extensions and Lines
    • Extension names help identify Intercom callers to co-workers.
  • Paging
    • Intercom ringing can broadcast over the External Paging speakers.
  • Ringdown Extension
    • Ringdown Extension follows the voice-announce status of destination extension. For example, if an extension usually voice-announces Intercom calls, a ringdown to that extension will also voice-announce.
  • Ringing Line Preference
    • Ringing Line Preference answers a ringing Intercom call before a ringing outside call.
  • Single Line Telephones
    • Single line telephones cannot receive voice-announced Intercom calls.
  • Transfer
    • The system cannot Transfer Intercom calls.
  • Voice Over
    • An extension user can Voice Over to a co-worker busy on an Intercom call.
  • Volume, Brightness, and Contrast Controls
    • The default Intercom (station-to-station) gain is 0 dB. While on an Intercom call, use Volume Up and Volume Down to change this setting.

IntraMail Features

  • None.