Volume, Brightness, and Contrast Controls

Easily adjust the volume of ringing, Paging, and other features.
  • The ability for a user to turn ringing and Off-Hook Ringing completely off is available in software versions 3.05 and higher.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Retain Line Volume


A keyset user can press Volume Up and Volume Down to interactively adjust the volume of the following features while they are active:
  • Intercom handset calls
  • Intercom Handsfree calls
  • Outside handset calls
  • Outside Handsfree calls
  • Paging receive volume
  • Background Music
  • Ringing
  • Off-Hook Ringing

There are nine steps in the Volume Control adjustment range. This makes it easier for the keyset user to set up just the right volume levels. The settings a user makes are retained after a system reset or power-down.

The extension user can also turn ringing and Off-Hook Ringing off. One press of Volume Down past 1 turns the ringing completely off.

Volume Control Presets

The volume control presets allow the keyset user to preset the default volume for Ringing, Off-Hook Ringing, and incoming Page announcements while their telephone is idle. Presets for the remaining volume controls are not required since the user can easily adjust those volumes while idle. For example, to adjust the volume of Background Music, just press HOLD to active BGM and then adjust the volume.

Display Brightness and Contrast Control

While a keyset is idle, pressing Volume Up or Volume Down adjusts the contrast of the display. There are eight user-selectable contrast control values. The value a user sets is “remembered” by the system and automatically restored in the event of a power down or system reset.

Display Brightness and Contrast Control Presets

The brightness and contrast control presets let the keyset user preset the default active brightness, idle brightness, and contrast for their keyset display. The brightness presets are not available to a 24-button key- set since it doesn’t offer a backlit display.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Release Notes (System)

Intercom Ring Volume Stays Constant During Adjustment

[3.09] When a DSX keyset user pushes Menu + 43 + Select to adjust the Intercom ring volume preset, the phone will confirm (play back) the selected volume as it is adjusted. In prior Version 3 releases, the preset would correctly adjust but the confirmation volume was constant during the adjustment.

Reference: A090923013

Minimum Ringing Volume Adjustment Changed to Off

[3.05] This software release allows the user to turn ringing and Off-Hook Ringing off. One press of Volume Down past 1 turns the ringing completely off.

Reference: None

Other Related Features


  • Alphanumeric Display and Illuminated Dial Pad
    • While a feature is active, pressing a VOLUME key adjusts the volume of the active feature. While the telephone is idle, pressing a VOLUME key adjusts the display contrast. A system reset or power down returns the user-set contrast setting to a median level.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
    • The extension user cannot adjust the volume of incoming Camp-On tones.
  • Intercom
    • The default Intercom (station-to-station) gain is 0 dB. While on an Intercom call, use Volume Up and Volume Down to change this setting.

IntraMail Features

  • None.