Alphanumeric Display and Illuminated Dial Pad

The Alphanumeric Display messages help the display telephone user process calls, identify callers and customize features.
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The 22- and 34-Button Display Telephones have a three-line, 24-character per line alphanumeric display. The first line displays the date and time (while idle) and feature status messages. The second line is used extensively by IntraMail. The third line displays the Soft Key definitions.

The 34-Button Super Display Telephone has a nine-line, 24-character per line alphanumeric display. The first line displays the date and time (while idle) and feature status messages, just like the 22- and 34-Button Display Telephones. The second line is used extensively by IntraMail. Lines 4-9 are the comprehensive Super Display Telephone soft key definitions.

Display Contrast Control

While a keyset is idle, pressing Volume Up or Volume Down adjusts the contrast of the display. There are eight user-selectable contrast control values. The value a user sets is “remembered” by the system and automatically restored in the event of a power down or system reset.

Display Brightness and Contrast Control Presets

The brightness and contrast control presets let the keyset user preset the default active brightness, idle brightness, and contrast for their keyset display. The brightness presets are not available to a 22-button keyset since it doesn’t offer a backlit display.

Automatic Backlit Display with Ambient Light Sensitivity Adjustment

The 34-Button Telephones provide an Automatic Backlit Display with Light Sensitivity Adjustment. The backlit display can operate in one of two modes: Normal and Automatic with Ambient Light Sensitivity Adjustment.
  • Normal Backlit Display Operation
    • When the telephone is idle, the backlit display adjusts to the inactive (minimum) backlit level. If the user lifts the handset, the display automatically switches to the active (maximum) backlit level. When the user hangs up, the display reverts to the inactive setting after a preset time. The backlit levels are adjustable from system programming and also by the user right from their telephone.
  • Automatic Backlit Display with Light Sensitivity Adjustment
    • When this mode is enabled, the telephone’s display backlighting automatically adjusts to the room brightness. In a brightly lit room, the display will stay at its maximum backlit level. This level also applies if the user is busy on the phone. If the room light dims or goes out, the telephone’s display will automatically change to the minimum backlit level. Additionally, each telephone’s ambient light sensitivity can be set to match the lighting of the room in which it is installed.

Illuminated Dial Pad

The 34-Button Display and 34-Button Super Display telephones also have an illuminated dial pad. Dial pad illumination makes the keys more prominent and is helpful in difficult lighting areas. The dial pad lights when the user is busy on the phone and goes dark after the phone returns to idle.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled for all display telephones.

Release Notes (System)

Blank Soft Key Remembers Prior Action

[3.09] An issue is corrected in this software version that would cause a blank soft key to "remember" the last key press:
  1. Push Menu + Display + Contrast + Exit.
  2. Then, push Menu + Display + Blank soft key 7.
  3. The Contrast setting is displayed.

This no longer occurs.

Reference: A090924009

Increasing Contrast Increments by 2

[3.09] This software corrects a problem which would cause the contrast adjust to increment by 2 each time the user pressed VOLUME Up. The VOLUME Down adjustment worked correctly.

Reference: A091020001

Other Related Features


  • Interactive Soft Keys
    • The interactive Soft keys provide users with intuitive access to the telephone’s features.
  • Volume, Brightness, and Contrast Controls
    • While a feature is active, pressing a VOLUME key adjusts the volume of the active feature. While the telephone is idle, pressing a VOLUME key adjusts the display contrast. Turn to this feature for additional volume, brightness, and contrast controls.

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