Programming Automatic Backlight Settings

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Programming for this Feature
Programming Normal Backlit Display Settings

Automatic Backlight Display Setup

Set up the 34-button keyset Automatic Backlit Display options.

  1. 2104-04: Auto Backlight [Stations: Config: Setup: Display (2104): Auto Backlight]
    Enable or disable Automatic Backlight for the extension.
    If enabled for a 34-Button Super Display Telephone, set the Backlight Sensitivity in the next step.
    This option does not apply to 22-button keysets since they have neither backlit displays nor illuminated key pads.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 2104-04: Backlight Sensitivity [Stations: Config: Setup: Display (2104): Backlight Sensitivity]
    For 34-Button Super Display Telephones only, set the Backlight Sensitivity to match the lighting conditions for the room in which the telephone is installed.
    Use lower settings (towards 1) for bright rooms.
    Use higher settings (towards 8) for dimly lit rooms).
    Option Description
    1-8 Backlight Sensitivity setting. [Default] = 4.