Headset Compatibility

Have the privacy of a handset call without having to hold the handset.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Headset Compatibility
User Operation
Headset Compatibility


A keyset user can utilize a customer-provided headset in place of the handset. Like using Handsfree, using the headset frees up the user’s hands for other work. However, the headset provides privacy not available from Handsfree.

Headset Compatibility also provides the following features. (Note that while an extension is in the Headset mode, the system ignores all hookswitch depressions.)

Background Music

If programmed and connected, Background Music will broadcast over the telephone speaker while the extension is in the Headset mode.

Central Office Calls, Answering

An extension user in the Headset mode can press Volume Up and Volume Down to control the volume of any call ringing their phone.

Handsfree and Handsfree Answerback

An extension in the Headset mode can receive normal voice-announced Intercom calls, depending on system programming the setting of 2112-04: Voice Announcements in Headset Mode Stations: Config: Options: Speaker (2112): Headset V.A.]. The extension user can respond to the voice-announced call by speaking toward the phone (just like non-headset extensions). To answer the voice-announced call in the headset, the user just presses SPEAKER after hearing the voice-announcement.

Microphone Mute

While on a headset call, the extension user can press MUTE to mute (i.e., turn off) the headset microphone. While responding to an Intercom call using Handsfree Answerback, pressing MUTE mutes the Handsfree microphone.

Off-Hook Signaling

Off-Hook Signaling Options when Using a Headset

Headset Key

A keyset user can have a Feature Key on their telephone or DSS Console assigned as a Headset key. The user presses the key to enable or disable the headset mode, as an alternative to pushing Menu + Options + Headset Mode (Menu + 91). The key lights while the extension is in the Headset mode, and is off while the Headset mode is disabled. If an extension user is on a call, pressing the Headset key automatically switches the active call to the headset. Pressing the Headset key again switches the call back to Handsfree.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Headset Mode disabled.

Release Notes (IP Telephone Firmware)

Option Module Support Added for IP Keysets

[] Support for the WHA Wireless Headset Adaptor and Bluetooth Modules is included in this firmware. These features are not fully supported for IP keysets on the system side as of 3.05, however.

Reference: None

Other Related Features


  • Automatic Handsfree
    • While in the headset mode, Automatic Handsfree simplifies answering outside calls.
  • Background Music
    • Background Music plays in the headset when the extension is in the headset mode.
  • Group Listen
    • Group Listen is not available to extensions in the headset mode.
  • Handsfree and Handsfree Answerback
    • Handsfree is not available to extensions in the headset mode. Handsfree Answerback is available — depending on system programming.
  • Off-Hook Signaling
    • Go to Off-Hook Signaling and Headsets above for more on how Off-Hook Signaling interacts with headsets.
  • Single Line Telephones
    • Headset Compatibility is not available to single line telephones.
    • On- and Off-Premise Extensions do not have headset capability.
  • Voice Over
    • An extension user cannot Voice Over to a co-worker in the headset mode.

IntraMail Features

  • None.