Background Music

Broadcast music through the telephone or paging speakers for a more pleasing work environment.
  • Using a PGDAD Module audio port as the Background Music source is available in software versions 2.01 and higher.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Background Music
Using the PGDAD Module as a Music Source
Background Music Operation


Background Music (BGM) sends music from a customer-provided music source to speakers in keysets. If an extension user activates it, BGM plays whenever the extension is idle. Incoming calls and Paging announcements temporarily override (turn off) Background Music. Background Music is available from one of six sources: two audio input minijacks, and one of four PGDAD Module audio ports. The source you choose in turn connects to a customer-provided external music source.
  • In DSX-40, the audio input minijacks are located on the equipment cabinet.
  • In DSX-80/160, the audio input minijacks are located on the CPU PCB.

The external music source you connect to the audio input minijacks is typically a CD player or FM receiver. The source, which you can also use for Music on Hold, must be compatible with the following specifications:

Music Source Specifications
Input Impedance 10K Ohms
Relative Input Level +18 dBr (+/- dBr) at 1.0 kHz

For more on connecting a customer-provided music source, refer to the system’s Hardware Manual.

Note: In accordance with U.S. copyright law, a license may be required from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) or other similar organizations, if radio, television broadcasts or music other than material not in the public domain are transmitted through the Music on Hold feature of telecommunications systems. NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. hereby disclaims any liability arising out of the failure to obtain such a license.

Using the 2PGDAD Module as a Background Music Source

You can use a 2PGDAD Module audio port as a Background Music music source, in lieu of using one of the two built-in minijacks.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled system-wide and at each extension.

Release Notes (System)

Background Music Currently Disabled at IP Keysets

[3.01] Background Music is currently disabled at IP Keysets until the Multicast feature is available. Paging is still enabled since it is currently Unicast.

Reference: None

Ringback Continues At IP Keyset

[3.00.32] This version corrects a problem at an IP keyset that would cause ringback and Background Music to play simultaneously after the user hung up on an outgoing ringing Intercom call.

Reference: A090507006

Other Related Features


  • Do Not Disturb
    • DND does not affect the operation of Background Music.
  • Headset Compatibility
    • Background Music plays in the headset when the extension is in the headset mode.
  • Music on Hold
    • Background Music and Music on Hold share the same music source.
  • Paging
    • Background Music can broadcast over the External Paging speakers.
  • PGDAD Audio Interface Module
    • You can use a port on the 2PGDAD Module as the Background Music source input.
  • Room Monitor
    • Background Music is not available at the monitored extension while it is being monitored.
  • Single Line Telephones
    • Background Music is not available to single line telephones.

IntraMail Features

  • None.