Programming Background Music

Additional Feature Information
Background Music
Programming for this Feature
Using the PGDAD Module as a Music Source
Background Music Operation

Programming Background Music Setup

Enable Background Music system-wide and at extensions.

  1. 1521-03: Background Music Source [System: Options: Setup: Music On Hold/Background Music (1521): Background Music Source]
    Use this option to specify the Background Music source.
    Be sure you have a properly matched music source connected to the Music Source you select.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] Disables Background Music (i.e., no music source).
    1 Audio input 1 (minijack 1).
    2 Audio input 2 (minijack 2).
    3-6 PGDAD Module audio ports 3-6. See Using the PGDAD Module as a Music Source for more on how to set this up.
  2. 2111-02: Allow Background Music [Stations: Config: Options: Features (2111): Allow Background Music]
    Use this option to enable or disable Background Music at an extension.
    You must have a music source connected and programmed before this setting is effective.
    Option Description
    0 Disabled.
    1 [Default] Enabled.