Direct Station Selection (DSS)

Quickly place and Transfer calls to co-workers, without having to look up or dial your co-worker’s extension numbers.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Direct Station Selection (DSS) Basics
User Operation
Direct Station Selection (DSS)


If you enable an extension’s DSS Keys and leave the extension’s default Prime Line programming intact, the line keys automatically change to DSS keys when the user lifts the handset. To avoid confusion, be sure to explain this to your users.
You may prefer to use the Call Coverage or Hotline features instead. Remember, in addition to providing one-button Intercom access and Transfer, Call Coverage Keys also provide call pickup capability.

If an extension’s Direct Station Selection (DSS) Keys are enabled, Feature Keys automatically become Direct Station Selection (DSS) keys when the user presses INTERCOM. Direct Station Selection provides an extension user with one-button Intercom access and Transfer to co-workers. Each DSS key also provides a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) for the assigned co-worker.

When the DSS/BLF key is: The covered extension is:
Off Idle
On Busy or ringing
Flashing fast In Do Not Disturb

Conditions and Defaults


  • DSS keys do not pick up ringing calls.

Default Setting

  • Not assigned. DSS capability is disabled.

Other Related Features


  • Intercom
    • A user can press a DSS key as an alternative to dialing Intercom numbers.
  • Prime Line Preference
    • With Intercom Prime Line, an idle extension user hears Intercom dial tone whenever they lift the handset or press SPEAKER. Since each extension’s Busy Lamp Field is disabled by default, the Feature Keys do not go into the DSS mode when the user lifts the handset while idle. (If an outside call is ringing the phone, Ringing Line Preference will normally answer the call when the user lifts the handset — even with Intercom Prime Line enabled.)
  • Speed Dial
    • The Personal Speed Dial Keys also provide one-button access to extensions.
  • Transfer
    • You can press your DSS key to Transfer a call instead of dialing a co-worker’s extension number.
  • Voice Over
    • An extension can Voice Over after using Direct Station Selection to call a co-worker.

IntraMail Features

  • None.