Directory Dialing

Allows users to place Intercom or Speed Dial calls from a displayed list of names.
  • Directory Dialing with Search is available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
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Directory Dialing


Directory Dialing allows a display keyset user to select a co-worker or outside call from a list of names, rather than dialing the phone number. There are three types of directory Dialing:
  • System (Company-Wide) Speed Dial names.
  • Intercom names (including extension, Ring Group and UCD Group names).
  • Personal Speed Dial names.

Directory Dialing with Search

Directory Dialing is enhanced with search capability to help you quickly look through the directory for the co-worker or Speed Dial number you wish to call. To use search:
  1. Press Directory [Dir] to select Directory Dialing.
  2. Select the type of directory you wish to search.
    • Extension [Ext] = Co-workers
    • Personal [Pers] = Personal Speed Dial Numbers
    • Company [Cmpy] = Company-wide Shared Speed Dial Numbers
  3. Start dialing letters for the directory name.
    • The search will narrow as you dial additional letters in the name.
    • Use Previous [Prev] and Next [Next] (or the volume keys) to scroll through the directory.
  4. When the name you wish to call displays, press Dial to place the call.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Directory Dialing always enabled.
  • There are no Intercom (extension) names or Speed Dial names stored.

Release Notes (System)

Idle Menu Directory Keys Require Extra Key Press

[3.00.32] In prior versions, setting an idle menu soft key for a Directory type (e.g., Personal) would still require the user to select the type. This is corrected.

Reference: None

Directory Dialing Unmatched Search Resets System

[3.00.30] Software version 3.00.30 corrects an issue where the system could reset if a search was made on an alpha character that didn't have a corresponding entry.

Reference: None

Long Speed Dial Name Resets System

[3.00.35] Directory Dialing could cause the system to reset if the selection had an 18-character Speed Dial name. This is corrected.

Reference: A090529006

System (Company) Speed Dial Ignores Class of Service (3.09)

[3.09] In prior software versions, 1401-01: Company Speed Dial Access would not restrict a user from using the Directory Dialing Company option. This is corrected.

Reference: A090911007

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