Ringdown Extension

Call another extension, group or voice mail just by lifting the handset.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Ringdown Extension
User Operation
Ringdown Extension


A Ringdown Extension automatically calls a co-worker, voice mail, a Ring Group, a UCD Group, or a Speed Dial number when the user lifts the handset. The call automatically goes through — there is no need for the user to dial digits or press additional keys. Ringdown extensions are frequently used for lobby phones, where the caller just lifts the handset to get the information desk.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Ringdown disabled

Other Related Features


  • Intercom
    • Ringdown Extension follows the voice-announce status of destination extension. For example, if an extension usually voice-announces Intercom calls, a ringdown to that extension will also voice-announce.
  • Ringing Line Preference
    • Ringing Line Preference has precedence over Ringdown Extension. If Ringing Line Preference is ringing the phone, lifting the handset answers the call. Lifting the handset does not call the Ringdown destination.
  • Voice Mail (IntraMail)
    • If the Ringdown destination is the voice mail master number, the Ringdown Extension user hears the voice mail remote logon prompt (“Please enter your mailbox number”) after the call connects.

IntraMail Features

  • None.