Call Handling

Set up routing scenarious to handle incoming calls, from basic to advanced.
  • Available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
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Initial System Setup

When the system is first installed, it handles incoming calls as follows:
  • In DSX-40, incoming calls on lines 1-8 ring on line keys 1-8 for extensions 301-308.
  • In DSX-80/160, incoming calls on lines 1-12 ring on line keys 1-12 for extensions 301-316.
  • There is no special routing for unanswered calls, and no calls are picked up by voice mail.

Basic Call Handling

Use Basic Call Handling to set up simple call routing by manually assigning options to lines. For example, you can have a line ring an extension or voice mail directly as a Direct Inward Line.

The Basic Call Handling options also let you set up Night Service / Night Ring answering. You can, for example, set up a simple day/night greeting by programing a Direct Inward Line to one Call Routing Mailbox during the day and another at night. When a user presses their night key, incoming calls route to the night greeting.

You can also configure overflow routing if a call is not picked up at its initial destination.

Line Schedules
  • If you need more flexibility when handling incoming calls, use Line Schedules. Line Scheduling is easy to understand and intuitive to set up, but has the power and flexibility to satisfy even complex call answering scenarios. Since Line Scheduling is enabled on a line-by-line basis, you can easily develop an elaborate scenario for a test line while leaving basic routing intact for your main business lines. When your Line Schedule is ready to go, just assign your main lines to the schedule and the system will automatically override the basic handling.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None

Default Setting

  • In DSX-40:
    • All keysets have 8 line keys (for lines 1-8).
    • Extensions 301-308 ring for all incoming calls.
    • There is no overflow or night mode programming set up.
    • Calls do not route to voice mail.
  • In DSX-80/160:
    • All keysets have 12 line keys (for lines 1-12).
    • Extensions 301-316 ring for all incoming calls on lines 1-12.
    • There is no overflow or night mode programming set up.
    • Calls do not route to voice mail.

Release Notes (System)

DID/DIL Overflow to IntraMail Routing Improved

[3.02] If a DID or DIL is set to overflow to IntraMail, and the mailbox specified is the same as the destination for the call, the caller will hear the mailbox greeting and the available options. In prior versions, the caller would not hear the available options.

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