4231-xx: Digit 01-13 Action [Voice Mail: Dial Actions: Dial Action Table: Dial Assignment (4231): Action]

For each of the 10 Dial Action Tables,use this option to assign the actions (functions) to the keys that Automated Attendant callers can dial. For more on each action, go to Program Options below and click on the action you want to review.

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IntraMail Features

Program Options

Option Description
STRF Screened Transfer (dial 1)
UTRF Unscreened Transfer (dial 2)
REC1 Quick Message with Greeting (dial 3)
REC2 Quick Message without Greeting (dial 4)
LOGON Log Onto Voice Mail (dial 5)
Hang Up Hang up (dial 6)
GOTO Go to a Mailbox (dial 7)
UND Undefined Routing (dial 0)

Default Setting