Quick Message

Automated Attendant callers can dial a digit followed by an extension number to leave a message directly in a user’s mailbox.
Additional Feature Information
Dial Action Table
Record and Send a Message
Programming for this Feature
REC1 Action - Quick Message With Greeting (3)
REC2 Action - Quick Message Without Greeting (4)


Quick Message is a Dial Action Table action that allows Automated Attendant callers to dial a digit (normally *) followed by a mailbox number to leave a message in a Subscriber Mailbox. Since Quick Message is enabled by default, it is an efficient way for experienced Automated Attendant callers to leave messages. There is no need to dial an extension first. To make this option more readily available to all Automated Attendant callers, consider having the active Instruction Menu describe how to use the Quick Message option.

There are two Quick Message Dial Action Table actions:
  • Quick Message with Greeting (REC1)
    • The caller hears the mailbox greeting followed by a beep and can leave message. If the greeting is not recorded, the caller hears, “At the tone, you can leave your message for extension xxx (or name if recorded). Start recording at the tone. When you are done, press the # key or hang up.”
  • Quick Message without Greeting (REC2)
    • The caller bypasses the mailbox greeting (hearing “Recording” and a beep instead) and can leave a message. This is typically used with a Next Call Routing Mailbox when the caller is asked to dial a digit (e.g., 1) to leave a message. Otherwise, the mailbox greeting (if recorded) would be heard again.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Dial Action key * Action is REC1 and Routing is IXXX.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Dial Action Table
    • Once the Automated Attendant answers, the Dial Action Table provides the dialing options to callers. Each digit a caller can dial is assigned a specific action (function) in the Dial Action Table. The dial action used depends on the setting in the active Call Routing Mailbox, which in turn depends on the Answer Table setup.
  • Next Call Routing Mailbox
    • The Quick Message without Greeting option (REC2) is typically used when the mailbox’s Next Call Routing Mailbox option allows the caller to dial a digit to leave a message. Otherwise, the caller would hear the mailbox greeting twice (once when initially accessing the mailbox and again when routed by the Next Call Routing Mailbox).