Next Call Routing Mailbox

Provides callers with additional dialing options after they leave a message in an extension’s mailbox (depending on the setting of the Next Call Routing Mailbox Dial Mode).
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Automated Attendant Routes Directly to Announcement Mailbox
Automated Att. Routes to Announcement Mailbox from Call Routing Mailbox
Leaving a Message
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Programming for this Feature
Programming Next Call Routing Mailbox


The Next Call Routing Mailbox provides callers with additional dialing options while listening to a Subscriber Mailbox recorded or default greeting. It also provides additional dialing options to callers routed to an Announcement Mailbox. Next Call Routing Mailbox lets the caller choose how IntraMail should handle their call. For example, if an Automated Attendant caller dials a subscriber’s extension and hears the greeting, Next Call Routing Mailbox (if programmed) allows them to dial other options instead of hanging up.

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Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Subscriber Mailbox Next Call Routing Mailbox = 1, Dial Option = None
  • Announcement Mailbox Next Call Routing Mailbox = None (0)

Other Related Features


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IntraMail Features

  • Call Forward to a Mailbox
    • The Next Call Routing Mailbox dial options also apply to a subscriber’s Direct Inward Line while it is forwarded to their mailbox.
  • Record and Send a Message
    • Turn to this feature for an explanation of the options a caller can dial while recording.