STRF Action - Screened Transfer (1)

Use this action to allow an Automated Attendant caller to place a Screened Transfer to an extension. After an Automated Attendant caller dials an extension, IntraMail calls (screens) the destination to see if the transfer can go through.

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Normally, the corresponding Routing option should be XXX. Note that the key you choose for this action is the first digit of the called extension number.
  • For example, to allow callers to place Screened Transfers to extensions 300-399, for key 3 enter STRF for the Action and XXX for the corresponding Routing.
To have Screened Transfer call a specific extension, the corresponding Routing option should be that extension’s number. The caller then dials that single digit to reach the extension.
  • For example, to have caller’s dial 8 to reach extension 303, for key 8 enter STRF for the Action and 303 for the corresponding Routing.

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