Go to a Mailbox

An Automated Attendant caller can dial a digit and route directly into a mailbox.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Go To A Mailbox


An Automated Attendant caller can dial a digit to route to a Call Routing or Announcement Mailbox. This is called the Go To (GOTO) action. The GOTO action can route directly to a specific Call Routing or Announcement Mailbox, or allow the Automated Attendant caller to go to a mailbox of their own choosing. Use the GOTO action to set up a “tree” of Automated Attendant options.

The block diagram below shows how the Automated Attendant can provide the caller with a “tree” of dialing options. Dialing 1 (GOTO 809) routes to Announcement Mailbox 809, which plays the company directions. Dialing 2 (GOTO 802) routes to Call Routing Mailbox 802, which is set up to give the caller single-digit dialing to Tech Service technicians.
  • The Announcement Message for Announcement Mailbox 809 tells the caller how to locate the company.
  • The Instruction Menu for Call Routing Mailbox 801 instructs the caller which digits to dial for each technician. The Dial Action Table for Call Routing Mailbox 802 contains the STRF or UTRF actions to each technician’s extension.

The GOTO action can also log into a Subscriber Mailbox, although the LOGON action is normally reserved for this function.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No GOTO actions programmed.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Automated Attendant
    • The Automated Attendant can automatically answer the telephone system’s incoming calls, play an Instruction Menu message, and provide dialing options to callers.
  • Dial Action Table
    • The GOTO action is a Dial Action Table option.
  • Instruction Menu
    • Be sure the Instruction Menu for the active Call Routing Mailbox describes how to use the GOTO action.