Instruction Menu

Play an announcement to outside callers announcing the Automated Attendant dialing options.


The Instruction Menu is the announcement that plays to Automated Attendant callers. Normally, the Instruction Menu greets callers and provides them with the Automated Attendant dialing options. The Instruction Menu is associated with the active Call Routing Mailbox. Normally, you should have the System Administrator customize (rerecord) the Instruction Menu to match the dialing options enabled in the siteā€™s Dial Action Table. If a custom Instruction Menu is not recorded, the Automated Attendant callers hear:

ā€œThank you for calling. If you are calling from a touch tone phone, please dial the extension number you wish to reach, or dial 0 for assistance. If you are calling from a rotary dial phone, please stay on the line for assistance.ā€

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No custom Instruction Menus recorded

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Call Routing Mailbox
    • The mailbox that specifies which dialing options (Dial Action Table) and Instruction Menu are available to Automated Attendant callers.
  • Dial Action Table
    • Defines the dialing options for the Call Routing Mailbox chosen by the active Answer Table.
  • Single Digit Dialing
    • An Automated Attendant caller can press a single key to route to an extension, route to another destination, or use an IntraMail feature.
  • System Administrator
    • Only the System Administrator can record the Instruction Menu.