System Administrator

The extension user that has IntraMail system administration capabilities.
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System Administrator Mailbox
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Programming a System Administrator Mailbox


The System Administrator is a Subscriber Mailbox that has unique system administration features such as recording Instruction Menus and deleting messages in a co-worker’s mailbox. The System Administrator features are an essential part of IntraMail setup since they allow the recording of the system-wide messages and provide Subscriber Mailbox maintenance. After logging onto their Subscriber Mailbox, the System Administrator can use all of the features in the SA menu. The System Administrator Options table below shows these options.

System Administrator Options
[Super Display Soft Key] - [Keyset Soft Key]

Option Description

SA (72)
[System Admin] - [N/A]

Access the System Administrator options.

I (4)
[Instruction] - [Instr]

Record an Instruction Menu. See Instruction Menu.

A (2)
[Announcement] - [Annc]

Record an Announcement Message. See Announcement Message.

O (6)
[Answer Schedule] - [N/A]

Override the active Answer Schedule. See Answer Schedule Override.

[N/A] - [N/A]

Message on Hold. See Message On Hold.

[Mbox Annc] - [N/A]

Record and set up a Mailbox Announcement Message. See Mailbox Announcement Message.

V (8)
[N/A] - [N/A]

Hear the version number of the IntraMail stored voice prompts.

S (7)
[Subscriber] - [Subs]

Access the Subscriber Maintenance options (see the following features).

EA (32)
[Erase All Messages] - [Msgs]

Erase all messages in a mailbox. See Erasing All Messages.

EG (34)
[Erase Greeting] - [Greet]

Erase a mailbox greeting. See Greeting.
  • With Multiple Greetings, this option simultaneously erases all recorded greetings in a Subscriber Mailbox. Additionally, the active greeting is reset to 1.

EN (36)
[Erase Name] - [Name]


Erase a mailbox name. See Mailbox Name.

S (7)
[Erase Security Code] - [N/A]

Delete a mailbox Security Code. See Mailbox Security Code Delete.

N (6)
[Record Mailbox Name] - [N/A]

Record Mailbox Name. See Mailbox Name.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Extension 300 is the System Administrator.

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  • None.

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