Answer Schedule Override

Enables an alternate greeting and alternate dialing options for callers.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Answer Schedule Override
User Operation
Answer Schedule Override


Answer Schedule Override provides alternate answering for Automated Attendant calls. When enabled, Answer Schedule Override sends calls to the specified Override Mailbox. The Override Mailbox can be an Announcement, Call Routing, Directory Dialing, or Subscriber mailbox. You can use Answer Schedule Override to provide holiday and bad weather closing announcements, for example. Enable override when you want callers to hear the special announcements; disable override to have the Automated Attendant answer normally. You can enable Answer Schedule Override from system programming or from the System Administrator Mailbox.
  • If the Override Mailbox is an Announcement Mailbox, the outside caller will hear the recorded announcement. Depending on how the Announcement Mailbox is programmed, IntraMail will then hang up, reroute the call, or provide additional dialing options.
  • If the Override Mailbox is a Call Routing Mailbox, the outside caller will hear the instruction menu and can dial any options allowed by the associated Dial Action Table.
  • If the Override Mailbox is a Subscriber Mailbox, the outside caller hears the mailbox greeting (if recorded) and can leave a message.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Disabled.

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