Announcement Mailbox

Play a prerecorded announcement to callers.
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Announcement Mailbox


An Announcement Mailbox plays a prerecorded announcement to Automated Attendant callers without providing dialing options. The Announcement Mailbox is typically set up to provide information to callers (such as company directions) and then route back to the Automated Attendant. For example:
  • The Automated Attendant instructs the caller to dial a digit (e.g., 1) for company directions.
    • Record this in the Instruction Menu message for the active Call Routing Mailbox. See Instruction Menu for more.
    • Set the dialing options in the Dial Action Table associated with the active Call Routing Mailbox. See Dial Action Table for more.
  • The caller dials the digit and listens to the prerecorded Announcement Mailbox message for directions.
  • After playing the directions, the caller routes back to the Automated Attendant for additional dialing options.
    • See the Hang Up and Next Call Routing Mailbox options in Programming.

By default, there are 24 Announcement Mailboxes (Routing Mailboxes 9-32). However, you can assign any of the 32 Routing Mailboxes as an Announcement Mailbox.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • There are 8 Announcement Mailboxes (9-16).

Release Notes (System)

Invalid Key at Super Display Exits Subscriber to Wrong Mailbox

[3.09] The following sequence, which exited the subscriber into the wrong mailbox, is corrected in this software version:
  1. Press V-MAIL + Push System Admin + Announcement + Dial 811.
  2. Push a blank soft key or dial a digit with no assigned function.
  3. Push Back + Back.
  4. The session exists to Announcement Mailbox 811 instead of the subscriber's mailbox.

Reference: A091012001

Voice Prompt "Four" Played During Announcement Mailbox Setup

[3.09] This software version corrects the following:
  1. Log onto a System Administrator's Mailbox.
  2. Push Announcement (Annc).
  3. Enter an Announcement Mailbox number (e.g., 809).
  4. You hear the voice prompt "Four" broadcast each time you press a blank soft key (Super Display only) or an unassigned dial pad key.

Reference: A090925004

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

Automated Attendant
  • The Automated Attendant can route callers to an Announcement Mailbox.
Call Routing Mailbox
  • A Call Routing Mailbox (and the associated Dial Action Table) provides dialing options to Automated Attendant callers.
Next Call Routing Mailbox
  • The Next Call Routing mailbox provides additional routing options to Announcement Mailbox callers.
System Administrator
  • The System Administrator can record the Announcement Mailbox message.