Programming Announcement Mailbox

Additional Feature Information
Announcement Mailbox
Automated Attendant Routes Directly to Announcement Mailbox
Automated Att. Routes to Announcement Mailbox from Call Routing Mailbox

Setting Up an Announcement Mailbox

1. Set the mailbox type.

  1. 4221-01: Routing Mailbox Type [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Setup (4221): Mailbox Type]
    Use this option to set the mailbox type (2) for the Announcement Mailbox.
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 Call Routing Mailbox
    2 Announcement Mailbox
    3 Directory Dialing Mailbox
    4 Distribution Mailbox
    [Default] Routing Mailboxes 801-808 are Call Routing Mailboxes (1).
    [Default] Routing Mailboxes 809-832 are Announcement Mailboxes (2).
  2. Record the Announcement Message for the mailbox (see Operation).

2. Set the Hang Up and Repeat options.

  1. 4223-02: Hang Up After [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Announcement Options (4223): Hang Up After Announcement]
    You can set up the Announcement Mailbox to:
    • Hang up quietly.
    • Play "Goodbye" before hanging up.
    • Provide additional dialing options to the caller.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] Disabled (provides additional dialing options).
    1 IntraMail will play "Goodbye" and then hang up.
    2 IntraMail will hang up without playing "Goodbye."
  2. 4223-01: Repeat Count [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Announcement Options (4223): Number of Repeats]
    Use this option to determine the number of times the recorded announcement should repeat to outside callers.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] Announcement plays once but does not repeat.
    1-10 Announcement plays once and then repeats the number of times specified.
  3. 4201-01: Outgoing Message Length [Voice Mail: IntraMail: Config: Messages (4201): OGM Message Length]
    This option sets the maximum duration of the Announcement Mailbox message.
    Option Description
    1-4095 Seconds. [Default] 120 seconds.