Routing Mailbox

A category of mailboxes used to route Automated Attendant calls.
  • Entering Routing Mailbox Names is available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
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Announcement Mailbox
Call Routing Mailbox
Directory Dialing
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Routing Mailboxes are a category of mailboxes normally used to route Automated Attendant calls. A Routing Mailbox can be an Announcement Mailbox, a Call Routing Mailbox, a Directory Dialing Mailbox, or a Distribution Mailbox. See the following for more on each of the Routing Mailbox types:

[3.01] To make identification easier, you can enter a Routing Mailbox name (up to 18 characters).

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • N/A

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Announcement Mailbox
    • An Announcement Mailbox plays a prerecorded announcement to Automated Attendant callers without providing dialing options.
  • Call Routing Mailbox
    • The Call Routing Mailbox, associated with an Answer Table, specifies which dialing options (Dial Action Table) and announcements are available to Automated Attendant callers.
  • Directory Dialing
    • A Directory Dialing Mailbox is the Routing Mailbox type required to implement Directory Dialing.
  • Distribution List
    • A Distribution Mailbox is the type of Routing Mailbox that contains the list of Distribution List member extensions.