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Send a message to a single Distribution Mailbox and have IntraMail automatically distribute it to multiple co-workers.
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A Distribution List is a list of extensions that will receive a message you record and send to a single Distribution Mailbox. Any message left in the Distribution Mailbox will be automatically sent to all the mailboxes in the list. Distribution List saves time when you need to send the same message to many co-workers. Rather than recording the message and manually specifying a list of recipients, use a Distribution List instead.

A Distribution List can consist only of Subscriber Mailboxes. The list is managed in a Distribution Mailbox, which is a type of Routing Mailbox that contains the actual list of member extensions. The system allows as many Distribution Lists as there are available Routing Mailboxes (up to 32). Each list can have up to 20 members. You assign the Distribution Mailbox in system programming, but you can create the Distribution List and edit the list members from either system programming or a System Administrator’s Mailbox. The System Administrator can also record a name for the Distribution List.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Distribution Lists are not set up and there are no Distribution Mailboxes.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Distribution Mailbox
    • A Distribution Mailbox is the type of Routing Mailbox that handles Distribution List messages.
  • System Administrator
    • You can edit the members of a Distribution List from a System Administrator Mailbox. You can also record a name for the list.